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Should I Convert My Bathtub Into a Shower?


At Bath Planet SW VA, we understand the importance of having a bathroom that meets your needs. If you’re wondering if you should convert your bathtub into a shower, read on to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of this popular home remodeling project.

Benefits of Converting Your Bathtub to a Shower

  • Increased accessibility: If you have limited mobility or have difficulty getting in and out of a bathtub, a shower can make bathing safer and easier.
  • Saves space: Replacing a large bathtub with a shower can free up a lot of space in your bathroom.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Showers are often viewed as more modern and luxurious than baths, and they can add a high-end look to any bathroom.

Drawbacks of Converting Your Bathtub to a Shower

  • Loss of resale value: While some buyers may prefer a shower to a bathtub, others may not. That being said, our experience tells us that converting your bathtub to a shower usually doesn’t have a major impact on home value.
  • Cost: Converting a bathtub to a shower can be expensive, depending on the type of shower you choose.

When it comes to making the decision of whether or not to convert your bathtub to a shower, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons for yourself and your family. If you’re ready to explore your options, Bath Planet SW VA can help. We are a 5-star rated, fully insured bathroom remodeler serving greater SW Virginia. Our team of experienced professionals can help you choose the perfect shower for your needs and budget. Plus, we’ll handle the entire remodel from start to finish, so you can rest easy knowing the job will be done right.

When you are ready, call Bath Planet SW VA for a free tub to shower conversion consultation at 434-384-9500. We look forward to helping you create the perfect shower for your home.

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