4 Reasons You Should Choose a Shower to Tub Conversion

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4 Reasons You Should Choose a Shower to Tub Conversion


While many people would recommend a tub to shower conversion, there are situations where the reverse may be the better option. Bath Planet SW Virginia shares a list of reasons why you should choose a shower to tub conversion.

4 Reasons You Should Choose a Shower to Tub Conversion
  1. You Need a Spot to Relax In – If you often find yourself needing to unwind after a hard day’s work, you probably need a tub instead of a shower enclosure. A long, soaking hot bath can help soothe aching muscles and joints. It has therapeutic value for people who may be suffering from conditions such as arthritis. If you’ve always wanted a hot tub spa but don’t have the space for it, a bathtub is the next best thing.
  2. You’re Planning on Aging-In-Place – Bathtubs are a good investment if you are planning on aging in place or if you have an elderly family member who lives with you. Walk-in tubs, in particular, allow comfortable bathing while seated. It’s ideal for someone who may have mobility issues or for those who are having trouble stepping into a typical shower enclosure. We offer a wide variety of bathtub styles, made with nonporous and durable acrylic material that resists water stains. The non-slip interior surfaces are ideal for preventing accidents.
  3. You Have Small Kids – A bathtub is ideal for parents who need to bathe kids who are too young to use the shower on their own. Bathtime is also critical to strengthening the bond between parent and child, especially during the critical first years. A tub is also great for giving your canine friends a luxurious bath.
  4. You Want to Increase Your Home’s Value – Whether you’re going to sell your home, converting the shower to a bathtub can help increase its value. It is also an opportunity to update your bathroom aesthetics. Our expert consultants can help you choose the style and color palette that suits your preferences.

To learn more about shower to tub conversion and our other services, call Bath Planet SW Virginia today at (434) 384-9500. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a free, in-home consultation. We serve many areas in and around Lynchburg and Roanoke, VA.

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