Custom Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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Custom Bathroom Remodel Ideas


Are you searching for creative custom ideas for bathroom remodel? Bathroom remodeling used to be more about functionality than aesthetics. But this is 2021, and just as important as practicality is beauty! A safe haven should be your bathroom, a place you can go for peace and inspiration (some people get their best ideas in the shower!). Don’t ignore the potential for the excellence of your bathroom while constructing or remodeling your house. To get help you get motivated for your custom bathroom remodel project, here are some bathroom ideas:

With Tile, Be Imaginative

When it comes to bathroom tiles, both on the wall and flooring, there is so much room for creativity. When selecting the right tile for your bathroom, here are a few tips:

Matte tile is in vogue right now, not only for its subtle elegance, but also because it doesn’t show water stains and smudges as much as tile with a glossy sheen. Just make sure there’s enough light in your bathroom, as matt tiles aren’t as reflective.

This freestanding black and white tub was part of one of our remodels at home.

Neutral colors are where they’re located. The brightly-colored Florida tiles of yesterday are gone; homeowners want gray and beige palettes. Just make sure that various shades, textures, shapes, and fixtures are layered to bring the room to life.

To make a tiny room seem larger, use light colors. A white bathroom is suitable for generating space and light. Use multiple styles of tiles, but make sure to incorporate some texture and width. To jazz things up a little, try a mosaic or different tile pattern.

Right now, subway tiles and geometric designs are trending. Using different sizes and tile shapes, you can create a beautiful rhythm in the bathroom.

Earthy is in. Wood-grain plank tile has been a common option among homeowners as it gives tile practicality to the illusion of wood. In bathrooms, marble is also a timeless favorite, carrying a classic elegance and the feeling of true stone.

In a way that you enjoy, Restore your fixtures

Sinks, tubs, toilets, faucets, and shower heads are included in the bathroom fixtures. Something such as a faucet may seem small, but when it comes to bathroom design, it is in no way minor. The difference between average and WOW can mean choosing the right fixtures. When selecting your fixtures, here is some advice:

Lovely brass fixtures that we did in 2016 for this award-winning historic home remodel.

If necessary, use a freestanding pool. For a reason, this is trending-not only does it give you more space in your bathroom, it creates a look of simple, delicate elegance that is loved by most homeowners. Of course, if you have the space and want to go for a little more luxury, build a raised Jacuzzi tub by all means. It depends on your bathroom.

In order to bring your bathroom design together, use finishes and fixtures. Choose an ending that complements and inspires you with the overall look. Pick the same finish for the shower heads, faucets, drains, and even the light fixtures, mirrors and cabinet pulls, whether it’s brass, brushed nickel, or stainless steel. In the world, those small details make all the difference.

Using frameless glass for the enclosure in the bathroom. This not only provides your bathroom with more space, it is simpler to clean and helps you to see the stunning tile work in your tub.

Get the Set-up of Ego You Deserve

You should have the kind of set-up that is not only comfortable and practical, but leaves you feeling confident and ready to take on the day, whether you are using your vanity for washing up, putting on makeup, doing your hair, or just checking your appearance before work. When creating your vanity area, here are some things to consider:

Cabinets: ensure that you chose a design and finish that compliment each other and the bathroom’s overall look. For what kind of drawers and cabinets do you need, consider everything you use your bathroom for? How big are the drawers meant to be? Are you going to have medicine cabinets, or are you going to have to have everything in your vanity?

In Lynchburg, this bathroom was part of an entire home gut and remodel we did.

Countertop: Whether it’s stone, granite, quartz or concrete, the crowning glory of your vanity should be the countertop. Check out our post on the topic for more detail on the numerous kinds of countertops common today.

Lighting: Don’t limit yourself to bathroom lights that will cast strange shadows and won’t give you a proper reflection of your appearance. Sconce lights are suggested over the mirror or on each side to add a subtle glow around the mirror. You may also set up lighting in your mirror, based on what you are doing, with the choice of various settings.

Mirrors: This is a perfect way for your bathroom to create character. There are a number of different options out there, and to find the style you love most, we recommend visiting Pinterest or Houzz. For a his-and-her vanity, you can like a double-wide mirror or two identical mirrors. You may opt for a circular mirror or two if you don’t want too many sharp edges. With frames, you can play around, or choose a pivot mirror. You’ll be surprised at how the mirror that you choose really changes your bathroom’s appearance.

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